How to make this canon?

• Sep 21, 2020 - 13:01

I don't know English well, but I hope you understand me.
The attached file shows a canon that I would like to transfer to MuseScore.
Is it possible? If so, how?

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You can enter all of the notes in the score (don't put anything in the measures that are invisible). For each of these staves right click it, select staff/part properties and check the cutaway option which is the one below staff line color. In the menu Format->Style uncheck "Hide empty staves" then check the option that will become black below it that starts "Don't hide..." When you click OK you will want to add clefs and time signatures to the first visible measure. Press ctrl while adding the time signatures so they don't show up in every instrument. Finally put staff text which you format and move on the first note of each instrument to identify them as CI, AI etc.

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One more thing I just thought about. Since the measures do not line up you are going to need to enter the time signatures using symbols (so they look like time signatures). Press Z and type "Time" in the search box and you will get all of the time signatures glyphs. Add one at a time, disable auto placement and move them to the correct place by changing the offsets in the inspector. You can't put a real time signature into the middle of a measure which is what the above link has you do.

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