Page Breaks

• Sep 21, 2020 - 23:16

Please help me restore proper page breaks in my lead sheet.
I could not find or fix "single page" or "standard page view" where are they?
I found Breaks and Spaces under Master Palette, but I don't know what to click.
Also, there seems to be a quarter rest separate from everything else at the bottom of the page,
and I can't get rid of it.
File attached.
Thanks, Susan

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You_Can_Be_a_Hero.mscz 18.74 KB


For the rest, click it and press ctrl+r to return it to where it belongs. You accidentally moved it some how.

As for the page layout you opened Style->Page settings and adjusted the margins to 15mm from the default 10mm for all of them. Restoring these puts the music back on the page.

For the system breaks, right click one of the gray return characters at the end of a line, choose select all similar items and press Delete to get rid of all of them. You can then add system breaks where you want to start a new line of music and page breaks where you want a new page (these are in the breaks & spacers palette). Don't look in the master palette because it can be confusing.

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