Bug? moving verses up and down via inspector

• Sep 24, 2020 - 10:46

When moving verses up or down via inspector, sometimes the content of the moved verse gets mixed up with the content of the adjacent verse. This happens usually in places where there are word gaps (e.g. melismas).

See attached score and pdf illustrating the issue.
I hope this is not by design.


If I understand correctly, you are wanting the "empty" lyrics in the source to replace the existing verse? I suspect there would be other cases where this isn't what one would want, but it would be interesting to see further discussion.

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I'm not that fussy about a whole empty line even though it could be sometimes useful too.

I'm really concerned about a case like when moving verse 3 to 2 -- parts of new verse 2 merge with parts of old verse 2. Compare the first and last system in example above, pay attention to the red-lyrics in the last system. That's totally not acceptable especially in a longer score where this could corrupt the lyrics and one wouldn't even notice it has happened.

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Right, but my point is, what exactly would you want instead. In this particular example, it does seem logical the notes that do not have lyrics would still act like they did, and exchange with the corresponding lyric in the other verse. But another reason people might use this facility specifically is to merge one or more lyrics - that may well be discontiguous - into another verse. That is, in your case, you were thinking of those "empty" notes as being part of the selection, but in other cases, someone might well have only selected two lyrics and deliberately not selected the lyrics between them, and he doesn't want those swapped.

I guess the distinction probably should be, if an "entire range" of lyrics is selected, but MuseScore doesn't actually have that concept. Whether you intended to select all the lyrics of a verse, or just a few random ones here and there, MuseScore seems both as a "list" selection that includes only those lyrics, so it would not normally do anything with lyrics you didn't select.

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