Modifying solfege syllables

• Sep 24, 2020 - 20:06

I wrote a long and detailed post two days ago... and it seems to have disappeared. I think I hadn't confirmed my account yet. So, here is a shortened version. edit: it did not disappear, I'm apparently just blind. I apologize for double posting.

I love the solfege notehead feature. There are, however, a few scenarios in which it would be beneficial to be able to modify the solfege syllables used (for example, when approaching a key change I often have my singers find a convenient place to start using the new key's syllables a measure or so early so the key change goes smoother). In another scenario, a musician might want to alter a syllable for an entire piece (people using Do-based minor [ugh, yuck] for example, or those who are following Dr. Carol Krueger's advice and swapping the syllable re for ra).

I have a few ideas for how this might be achieved. I'm also not a programmer and have no idea as the viability of my ideas.

  1. Best of all would be a way to directly modify the notehead syllables. I LOVE the notehead idea as it gets my beginning readers looking at the actual notes instead of just the text. Being able to directly edit it would make both the key changes and altered syllables fixable.
  2. Some sort of plug-in that could be set up for alternate solfege systems such as do based minor (yuck) or swapping ra in place of re.
  3. Some way to have the solfege inserted as text that can then be modified.

If anyone could give me some feedback or ideas, I would appreciate it.


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