Lines per staff

• Sep 25, 2020 - 11:17

 I have a file created in NoteWorthy and converted to MusicXML. It is scored for a speaker and so I have set it up with only 1 line per staff. When I load it in MuseScore it creates staves with 5 lines. It seems you can then only change lines per staff one music line at a time. I have over 1000 lines so this is not practical. How can I make MuseScore recognise the number of lines in the original score?


Staff properties changes the entire staff, from start of score to end of score. It doesn't matter if there is just one system or 1000. Onless you literally mean you have 1000 speakers each saying different at the same time, you probably have only one staff, just 1000 systems, so a single change will do the job.

if not, we'd need you to attach the MusicXML file in order for us to understand and assist better.

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