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• Sep 26, 2020 - 15:42

Hi, I'm editing a score for a frame drum called Brazilian Pandeiro, which has many specific timbres. A common representation for those sounds uses particular note heads: Missing note heads for some high-pitched sounds of "platinelas" and normal head between parenthesis for a kind of muffled bass sound. With Musescore I've found a way to write the missing note heads, but there is no option for the normal note head between parenthesis.
I have produced an example using Lilypond software (file attached, see the first note of measures), but would apreciate if it was possible to write this with Musescore. Whould it be possible to add an option for such a note head "normal head between parenthesis"? Can I do this myself somehow? Thanks

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As a default notehead this is not possible. Applying parentheses to a notehead is possible and applying it to the first note of every measure is almost as easy as applying it to only one note. To apply it to a note, select the note and click the parentheses is the noteheads palette. To apply it to every note on beat one you can right click any notehead you want to add the parentheses to then right click it and choose Select>More... for the menu. In the More... dialog there is an option for "Same beat" as well as many other options that are self explanatory (in my opinion). If you posted a short example and only need to apply the parentheses to certain notes on beat one, then select all of the affected measures, right click a note choose Select>More... and make sure you have "In selection" checked as an option. If you make a mistake, ctrl+z will undo added parnetheses.

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