Instrument name formatting

• Sep 28, 2020 - 17:15


I would like to change the style of instrument names as shown in the two screenshots attached. I want the instrument name centred on the sub-bracket between staves, and the vertically stacked numbers.

I've seen one example of a MuseScore file with this style, but I don't understand how it was done.
It appears that Mooing manually placed the vertically stacked numbers on each page (which seems awfully labour-intensive over that many pages), and I don't know how they got the instrument name to display between staves instead of on a staff.


In the default classical templates, the horns are one instrument with 2 staves. Your current format uses two separate instruments. As long as one instrument with two staves doesn't lead to other problems (like staff 2 changes to a horn in Bb while staff 1 stays horn in F) you can make it look like your desired Instrument name

Put this in the short (and long) instrument names

Horns in F

where the - is a space (this post eats spaces at the beginning of a line so I used the -)

You will need to play with the number of spaces before the numbers to get them in the correct place, but once one is correct they will all be the same. There is a limitation to this. You must keep both staves visible at all times or you will get far worse displays than the default you don't want. There are ways around this but it's quite a lot of work and you might as well settle for your current display if you need to hide empty horn staves.

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