Connecting tremolos between clefs.

• Sep 28, 2020 - 22:35

Bars 12 and 17 have piano treble notes that are supposed to be a part of the base tremolo. Is there a way to write it as in the original document? Or does the note have to be extended up from the bass and not written in the treble at all? Or something different? Trying to reproduce the original if possible. Thanks! <3

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There isn't a way to do this without cheating somehow. In m14 (which is like 17) you could make 2 tremolos in the top staff, one if voice 1 (E-G#) and one in voice 2 (B-G#) and make the unwanted things from voice 2 invisible (select it and press V). It will be easier to start entering the things in voice 2 but this isn't required.

M12 is similar. I'd put all of the 64th notes in the top staff in voice 1 except the C&E that are left in staff 1. I would put those in voice 3 (so their stems point up) and make the flag invisible. I would then use cross-staff to move them to the bottom staff and extend the beams from the bottom staff as needed.

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