problem using command export to

• Sep 29, 2020 - 09:17

picture 1 show by program MuseScore, picture 2 generated by a command MuseScore, why not the same?

that is, I work about image processing, and I attempt to generate the image note by using a command because I want big data, but I need format at picture 1

it may be caused by function some, is I don't know will disable it how in command

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What is the difference between 'program MuseScore' and 'a command MuseScore'? In either case the MuseScore program is being run.
In the latter case what commandline options do you use, and in any case which what input file?

As a side note; be aware that MIDI is not a notation format, but a playback information format.
There is no way in midi to differentiate both forms of notation.

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