Converting (not creating) 2 quarter notes into a swung quarter note triplet?

• Sep 30, 2020 - 15:52

I have the score for a song that should be performed in swing style, but MuseScore does not do quarter-note swing, only eighths. It is a short song, so, I'd thought I would add the swung triplets myself, by converting the q q sequences that should be swung to a q-q q triplet....except I cannot find a way to do so.
I understand how to create a new triplet from a rest---that's easy enough, but not how to convert from existing notation. Should I just delete the affected notes and reinsert them or is there a faster way?


Make a triplet out of a 1/2 note and enter the q and the h. Select the h and in the inspector change the notehead type to quarter. You can change several at a time using the inspector if you want to.

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