Bars/Measures sitting on separate page rather than part of the entire score

• Oct 1, 2020 - 05:36

The following image represents 2 measures that are on one separate page, not part of the entire score. We are trying to edit it for a high school music assessment piece in order to economise marks for presentation. Could you please suggest the edit necessary to make these bars a part of the score and therefore cohesive?

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Separate Bars.png 20.2 KB


The edit you need to make is on the previous page(s). If you have system breaks then delete them and reenter them so you don't have two extra measures. If this isn't the case, then select the entire score (press ctrl+a) and press shift+{ to reduce the stretch in all of the measures. Pressing it once will likely be sufficient but you may need to press it more. This probably will not work if you have system breaks or page breaks affecting the layout on the previous pages.

If this doesn't help, attach the actual .mscz score rather than a picture.

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