lost stave and elongated bars.

• Oct 5, 2020 - 20:30

I have attached some work with two problems:

First, I would like the last two examples to be the same size as the others, but I can't find a way to do this. They just elongate. I then tried leaving blank bars and making those invisible. I can't remember what I pressed but I have lost all my staves now and can't retrace my steps!

How I can resolve, especially the second problem, would be gratefully received. Thanks you.

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To leave space after the second line, You want to add a horizontal frame after the last bar. Not really sure what you mean about the second problem, best to attach your actual score rather than just a picture of it.

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Hi, thanks for your help. I applied the horizontal frames and hadn't realised that you have to do this repeatedly until all the empty bars have gone. I did this and got rid of all the empty bars I didn't want.

The second problem was that I simply had no stave lines at all from my first effort. All the notes in the pdf were hanging in empty space. I still don't know how this happened but I resolved it by copying to a new project and got what I wanted.

I know how to attach pdf's but (just to add yet another thing I cannot do) - I don't know how to attach the actual musescore project for others to see. I don't seem to get that option. I press 'Choose file' and get options from my documents only.

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So, it isn't clear from this file if you are still having a problem. I see you successfully added a horizontal frame, although you also have empty measures after that frame, not sure why. I meant to have a single horizontal frame after the last measure, and that's it - no more anything after that. Or, a system or section break to end the line. Actually, I'd have put one after the sixth measure so you had six measures on each line, not eight and four. But if you want eight and four, a single horizontal frame at the end of the line, resized appropriately, would be the way to go.

You do have a bunch of frames - some vertical, some horizontal - after the final measures. Not sure if you meant to delete those, or add content to them? r if you want to insert measures between those frames? Use Add / Measures to do that.

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