Chord.globalDuration VS actualDuration

• Oct 6, 2020 - 07:39

Dear all,

  1. I would be grateful to get any insights about the difference between globalDuration and actualDuration (or globalTicks VS actualTicks in the C++ code)
  2. Are globalDuration and actualDuration here to stay? They appear to be new as of MS 3.5, but are not mentioned in the documentation



  1. These properties usually have the same value and come into play when looking at tuplets. I expect one of them to be the notated duration within the tuplet, and the other the resulting duration taking the tuplet into account.
    So for a triplet of 1/8ths in the space of one 1/4th you'd likely get "1/8" for one of them and "1/12" for the other?

Try it out and let us know what holds true ;)

  1. seems to be last published for 3.4. I'd expect that to be always updated upon a new release if the API changed. Perhaps this is missing from the current release checklist, in which case it should be added imo.
    Even better would be to have versioned url's (a bit like the handbook or the Qt docs).

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Thanks for the speedy response, jeetee!
1. Sorry for failing to mention that I already tested with triplet of 1/4s, similar to your suggestion. actualDuration and globalDuration provided the exact same values: { numerator:1, denominator:6, ticks: 320 }.
(regular) duration.ticks was of course 480
2. Your thinking makes sense. But I'm too new in coding for MS to provide any useful opinion

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