• Oct 8, 2020 - 18:20

I am looking for the X to place above notes in a (guitar or for that matter any) score, where this X is intended to mean "to be held back a little, (slightly) muted". This marking appears for example in bar two (and many other places) in the guitar score to "Homenaje to Debussy" by de Falla.


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Useful tips, Mike. Thank you! though I don't get the shift+F9 (nothing happens - maybe because I''m on a MacBookPro keyboard?) Anyway Thank you!! While you're with me, what is the way to change the size of symbols, like say those X mute symbols?

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I think Mac uses shift+fn+F9 or something like that.

Symbols are hardcoded. If it exists as a special character you can enter it as text. To do this, press ctrl+t then fn+f2 (I think) and the special characters dialog will show up. You can look through the Musical symbols and add it. You then have the ability to set the font size. Once you do this, you can press ctrl+shift and drag the text into a palette to reuse it rather than go through this every time.

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