Score Screen Advance

• Oct 9, 2020 - 19:48

I noticed that when a score is played on Musescore's site, the grand staff score moves up my computer screen so as to display the current measure being played. Is there some way for me to set the downloaded program so that the same thing happens when I play one of my own scores? Has any consideration been given to the addition of that feature in the downloaded app?



It's not totally clear to me what you mean. MuseScore already pans your score automatically to keep the currently played measure in view unless you turned that option off using the toolbar button (right next to the metronome).

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Thank you so much. I've been using Musescore off and on to digitize fingered scores for my piano students and never, ever took notice of that icon. I guess I must have inadvertently deactivated it no doubt clicking on it in the past but when I nothing appeared as a change on the screen, I ignored it.

Thanks again.

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