incorrect amount of beats in one bar

• Aug 28, 2014 - 05:27

I have one bar that wont input to the beginning of the bar. It is as though there is a hidden 32nd note at the beginning of the bar. I have tried deleting everything in the bar, and reinputting all the notes, i have tried copying a correct rhythm from another instrument at the same place in the arrangement.
It will never start the phrase at the beginning of the bar, it always goes to a 32nd note after the first beat.
I cant help but feel that I am doing something wrong, but I dont have this problem with any other bar in any other part of the arrangement. It is only with this one bar at this one place in the arrangement.
'HELP' (please)

Unbelieveable? Immediately after posting the problem, I seem to have solved it by highlighting all the rests, pressing delete and immediately a 4 beat rest inserted itself and 'wallah' it is now OK.
I hope this posting might help someone else having the same problem.


I had once a smilar behavour.... I had a 16th note in more in a 4/4 bar ... The file was enough long and my computer tired ^^ so I change computer, saved it, reopened it, and could delete the mesure, and copy from another instrument, that worked ....
(with both 1.3 and nightly builds 2.0)

This happened to me when I changed the time signature of one measure; it would not let me put the last eighth note in. I solved it by going to measure properties and changing the "actual" beats to something else and then changing it back.

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Thank you for all your replies.

Immediately after posting the original comment I solved the problem, and to make sure, I bought it back into Muse Score 3 more times.
The first re-testing of deleting the info in the bar didnt solve the problem after deleting the info in the bar with every delete method I know, the second re-test deleting fixed the problem with the first delete attempt, and the 3rd attempt fixed the problem on the second attempt.
Apart from the different number of deletion attempts in the 3 tests, all 3 attempts were done under the exact same conditions.

I was interested to see "wayvire's" solution, and will give that a try ASAP.

Thankyou again for all the replies.

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