how to: prima volta open

• Oct 15, 2020 - 10:31

I need to add a prima volta open to a musescore and can only find a seconda volta open, which I can't seem to modify by changing the 2 to 1. I need the score to continue playing past the prima volta open and then when it replays from jump at the prima volta open to the seconda volta open .
The file I'm sending shows where I need the prima volta open and NOT the seconda volta open as shown in the file. Any suggestions?

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Voltas are alternative endings for (simple) repeats (AKA :| barlines), which you don't have there.
Also you need only one, those for the 2nd and 3rd staff are, at best, syntactic sugar.

Anyway you can change a volta in Inspector, whether it has hooks, its text and its repeat list and a few more settings

Place the prima volta on your selected measure first then open inspector. Make sure the prima volta is selected so that you can find the correct options. You'll find under Text Line Details the End Hook option and from there, just select None. That will give you an open prima volta. Hope this helps

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