Learning how to navigate through the MuseScore complex

• Oct 15, 2020 - 17:45

I have signed up for several of Marc's courses, assuming the documentation would make clear how to navigate through each, and through the maze of promotional material. So far, no luck. Example: Marc's email notice yesterday advertising a free webinar (sample lesson) from the new Harmony and Chord Progressions course, to be offered today at 1230 ET online, AND a promise to notify again today. Nothing there, and no way to find the link at the MuseScore website. This is what shut my down on working through one course already. Any ideas, for this poor (but motivated) wayfaring musical stranger?
-Bob Murray


Hi Bob! I sent you email as well (via your account on my site) but just wanted to followup here for the benefit of anyone else who might be confused.

First some general clarifications: I am Marc Sabatella, one of the many developers of the open source software MuseScore. That software is supported here on this site, musescore.org, and I've certainly been one of the most active participants here over the years. There is a completely separate site musescore.com for sharing sheet music. That site is run by others in the MuseScore organization, and to be clear, I have nothing to do with that site except as an ordinary user. These two sites share common login info and there are links back and forth between them, and it's pretty common for people to get confused about them. That comes up often here, although you didn't mention that specifically.

What you did mention are my courses, which I don't tend to talk about here much at all. So for those who don't know, I offer a series of online courses through my own website, https://school.masteringmusescore.com. Most of you have seen an ad for "Mastering MuseScore: Complete Online Course" (when you download the software or within the Start Center). But I also have other courses on music, including my latest, "Harmony and Chord Progressions". Again, these are all through my own website, not musescore.org or musescore.com.

I did indeed do a live webinar today to talk about harmony and my new online course. I didn't mention it here, but I put the word out to my own mailing list, also on social media. It was a lot of fun and plenty of good learning going on too, so I'm sorry you missed it. You or anyone else is welcome to watch the archived video: https://youtu.be/vTwHXupclDI

The reason you didn't get the second reminder about the webinar is that I didn't send it to people who already enrolled in the course itself. I was thinking people already enrolled wouldn't be interested in what was essentially an "infomercial", but that was probably a mistake on my part, so I'm sorry for that. The link in the original email would have worked, though, had you gone back and checked that. And in fact, it still does work - it will take you straight to the archived video.

Anyhow, the bottom line:

To download MuseScore or get help using it, come here: musescore.org
To share scores you create with MuseScore or check out scores shared by others, go to msuescore.com
For my online courses, go to school.masteringmusescore.com

Regarding my courses: if you've already enrolled in any, just login and you'll see your courses listed. If you have questions about them, just ask right there on my site, either by leaving a comment within the specific course, or using the contact form there. If you post here, well, I'll see it - I do check these forums pretty religiously, hardly a day goes by that I don't. But it's generally better to keep this site focused on MuseScore itself.

You don't say what problems you had accessing my courses in the past, but write me directly (marc@masteringmusescore.com is a good address to use for that) and I'm happy to look into whatever issues you are having!

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