How to fit sheet music on pages

• Oct 16, 2020 - 01:14

It is pretty annoying to have the page width and height set to an unnecessary length. It just looks weird and stupid. I want to fit the sheet music into a low width and height without the music teleporting to a new page

-Example below-
See how big the page is.

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I see the margins are almost non existent and this is quite ugly in my opinion. I think you might try to restore the margins and reduce the scaling in Page Settings to make everything smaller so they will fit on a more reasonable sized page. If this isn't what you're looking for then be a bit clearer about what is bothering you and attach the actual score and you will likely get a few ideas of how to fix it.

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I haven't studied the score in version 3 in any detail. I can tell you how I approach such an import (version 2 to version 3). The score was entered in version 2 so the techniques between that and a version 3 score are quite different. You can download the score and look at the settings in Format->Style->Page and start there. When I open the score you are referring to in version 3 it defaults to 7 pages. I would have to look at the details, like where the page breaks belong and reduce the min distances for dynamics and hairpins from the staff (both above and below) in the Style settings (MuseScore has the defaults too large). No doubt there are some slurs that can be improved from the import as well, these push the staves and systems apart. You can also right click a spacer, choose Select all similar elements and delete all of them. If you later decide one belongs then you can add it, most will have no effect. These are the first things I look at when importing a version 2 score. I'm a little familiar with ClassicMan's work so I'm sure it's mostly well done without too many things I would have never done.

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