Transferring Scores

• Oct 16, 2020 - 21:48

Is there a way to transfer score from one computer to another. I know I can use a usb stick to download it but I don’t have one and can’t get and quick access to one. Is there any way to email myself the file or some other way that doesn’t involve a usb drive.


You can email it, it's on your computer like any other file. Many email programs don't like the default .mscz file because it's really a zip file and will not send it. If there are no pictures in the score save it as a .mscx file and the mail program won't have a problem with it being a zip file. .mscx files aren't zipped and don't include pictures but they are generally larger than .mscz files.

If email just doesn't work then save it on on one computer (use save online with the same login you used for this post), log into the same account on another computer and download it.

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