Repeat sign does not work

• Oct 17, 2020 - 11:38

Hi everyone,
Already for a few weeks I have a 'bug' that the repeat sign at the end of a songpart is ignored while playing. Anyone any ideas? So far I just chose to copy and paste the part that needs to be repeated but prints get too big then ;) And yes I have uninstalled and reinstalled the whole programm. Did not work. Hope anyone can help.

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Hi Jojo, thanks for getting back at me. it's a "layman without knowledge"to re-install. Wipe out everything that might have been my own doing :)
About the problem: actually it happens with more of those instruction marks. Like Fermate; Adagio, ritenuto, breath signpause; jumping from 1 to 2 (in repeats that are different from each other) in the last measure

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Problem with that layman knowledge is that in this case (like in many others) it doesn't help much ;-)
The settings are kept as a leftover, so the new installed picks those up again, that is why a factory reset, which deletes these, and just these, almost always the better way

We only rarely can help by looking at a picture, and can't here, so you'd need to share the actual score.

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