bar bug

• Oct 18, 2020 - 03:20

hey folks

i imploded a bunch of staves, and then converted everything i could back to voice 1.

i was left with dozens of 'bar' artifacts. example attached in the bass clef stave. I CAN regroup rhythms to make some of them go away, but there are a lot of staves where the regroup rhythms screws up other complex rhtyms i have created

any idea why this happens? any any way to correct without regrouping?

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bug.mscz 11.86 KB


How did you "convert everything back to voice 1"?

You can just run implode on a single staff and have it force everything it can into voice 1 already. Take your example and select m2 bottom staff. Then run implode and you'll be left with only a single voice 2 rest. Click it and press delete.

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