Complicated Modulation

• Oct 20, 2020 - 13:19

How do you make more complicated modulations? The inputs are all "half note = quarter" but I need "2 connected eight notes = triplet (one quarter one eighth)" I was looking up how other people created "Like it's Christmas" by the Jonas Brothers and that's the only way I've seen anyone do it.

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Possibly you are using the wrong word. Here is the meaning of "Modulation" wrt music:

Do you want to write even eigth-notes and have them played like triplets? Use the "Swing" settings in MuseScore.

Do you just want to add the information to a human performer that even eigth-notes should be played as triplets, I understand that the best proposal is to do an image and insert. THere are several forum posts that describe this.

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FWIW, the term "metric modulation" is also a thing, and it does use a notation like this, it's basically what thee "quarter = dotted quarter" is doing. But, it doesn't apply to this sort of "swing" notation. It's meant more for cases where you go from 4/4 to 3/4 or vice versa but keep the measure length the same - kind of a trendy trick in the jazz improvisation world.

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