"restart audio and midi devices" button not working

• Oct 20, 2020 - 20:22

I just downloaded the most recent version of musescore. I've never used it before and I'm working on a windows 10.

I have been trying to get my korg microkey keyboard to play and cannot seem to get any sound to come out. I have visited the preferences section and attempted to change some of the settings but when I hit the 'restart audio and midi devices' button, nothing happens and there is no other button for me to press to apply my changes.

Similarly, when I first tried to open a new project, I ran into issues as there seemed to be no button to "start" a new project. I could input the title, composer, etc. but there was no way to actually access that document. I have found a workaround, but it does seem like something is wrong with the software.

Thanks for any help anyone might have regarding this issue!


What should work is setting the MIDI output device in that dialog. You may or may not need to hit the button also. When you say you "just downloaded" the program, do you mean, within the past day or so, so you have 3.5.2? There was a bug ina version that was out last week for this dialog had an issue. So be sure you have 3.5.2 (Help / About).

As for not being able to access the document, I'm confused. You mean, you started a new score with File / NBew or the button in the start center, then went through the wizard entering title, choosing instruments, a key signature, a time signature, and a non-zero (!) number of initial measures, and when you pressed "Finish" in the wizard, you didn't see a score? I've never heard of that. What is your workaround?

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