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• Oct 26, 2020 - 10:50

Hi, I need help with adjusting colours to my plugin. I used plugin Colornotes but I need to differenciate C4 and C5. I need C4 to be red and C5 to be white and I dont know how to change it in a base code of the plugin


Colornotes plugin indeed assigns note colors without taking their octaves into account. In order to change that you should add more colors to the colors list and change those note.pitch % 12 statements to make plugin use more different colors than 12. I attached an edited version of the plugin so you could proceed from that point - install it as any other plugin and edit the colors as needed. Note that any changes you make to the plugin may require restarting MuseScore in order to take an effect.
In the attached version colors are repeated each 2 octaves (as opposed to 1 in the original version), if you need to change that just add more entries to the colors table.

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