cross-staff gracenotes

• Oct 26, 2020 - 12:40

I'm creating a score in which I have gracenote groups which cross the staves (in a harp part)--although they can be created quite well, when I get to the spacing/layout phase, they will frequently mess up--sems and beams get lost.

Also, is there a way to increase the spacing between individual notes in a gracenote group? ledger lines and stems often intersect.

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If moving a grace note to another staff causes the beam to disappear, I undo the note move, adjust the beam in the opposite direction that I'm moving the note, then move the note again and I don't lose the beam off the edge of the screen. I should have submitted a bug report for this but I was busy with other things when I was running into the issue. I submitted about 5 to 10 other issues at that time, some have already been fixed.

For the space between grace notes, you can move the note to the left or right by adjusting the x offset in the Chord section. There is no easy way to group select only some of the grace notes, so it's often easiest to do it one note at a time.

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