Volta Playback

• Oct 28, 2020 - 10:09

So, I have a part in a medley I'm arranging where there's a prima volta over one measure, which has an "end" repeat sign, and a seconda volta on the measure after, so when it repeats it should play the second ending, but not the first. It has worked fine until tonight, it's now playing both volta measures/endings. I haven't made any changes to the score since it last worked how it's supposed to, and I've made sure the repeat list and play count are correct, the "play repeats" button is on, and everything is the way it should be according to people on another post about this on the forum. I've restarted Musescore and checked to make sure I'm on the current update so I have no idea what happened. Like I said, it was working and now it's not, even though I made no changes to the score at all. Voltas are also working the way they should in other scores, it's just this one that decided to stop working. Anyone have any ideas?


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