Stringtable.xml assault—help!

• Oct 28, 2020 - 13:56

I have experienced a sudden proliferation of "stringtable.xml" files—a couple hundred, maybe—that came out of nowhere and are apparently related to my MuseScore3 use. If I click on "Get Info," the file opens up to reveal that it's in one of many foreign languages—Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Finnish, etc., etc. (see attached screenshot). If I try to delete one, a dialog box asks for my computer (iMac) password to do it, which sounds kind of fishy to me. Although CleanMyMacX is not indicating any malware, this situation is alarming; I don't know what these files are, and I want to get rid of them (and prevent the accumulation of any more of them). Can anyone help me out?


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None of these do look like MusicXML files, so MuseScore can't do anything with them. They do look like being related to Adobe (like to Acrobat Reader?)
But indeed MuseScore might be registered to open .xml files.

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