Proposal to for a practical way to input piano fingering numbers (1-5) on notes.

• Oct 29, 2020 - 18:31

(I was asked to repost this email message here on the forum. Please forgive me if this topic is already discussed and solved somewhere else on the forum.)

I would like to call attention to an issue that I, and many MuseScore users, would like to have improved. We would like a more practical way to input piano fingering numbers (1-5) on notes. I imagine that a way to do it would be something like inputing Lyrics or Chord symbols. We click on a note and then press "Command" + "(something)" and then we could could just press 1-5, and after each time we press a number, the cursor moves to the closest note (bottom to top, and left to right) to have a finger number ready to be added to it. Something like that. Anyway, thank your for listening to us and allowing us to propose improvements to your wonderful program!

Alex Noriega, (music fan/music teacher)


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The easy fingering mode is superb and is by itself a reason good enough to upgrade from V2 to V3.
It is a life saver compared to the laborious previous procedure.
By the way, thanks to Marc for that, he has done it.
it could still be twice better ... by automatically moving to next note after each input.
I know, sometimes, very rarely, you need to input more than 1 fingering character for the same note.
In these very infrequent cases, well you could just go back by shift+space after the auto-jump.
But for the 99.99% of the cases where you just need to input 1 fingering character by note, it seems so clumsy to have to always alternate fingering/space bar/fingering/space bar ...

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