Playback from midi ignores my second time repeats

• Oct 31, 2020 - 12:49

I wanted a first time bar to be from bar 27 to 28. This is fine when played back on the audio/midi

I wanted the second time bar to be 29 to 30 (thus missing out 27 & 28) The audio doesn't do this. Instead, it plays bars 25, 26 then 28.

I extended the first and second time bars manually as the selected ones only went as far as one bar. Not all repeats just involve one bar though, so I thought it would work just by grabbing the line and making it longer to cover two bars. It hasn't worked. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks you.

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You're using an old version (3.2.2). You you need to apply a volta by selecting all of the measures you want it to apply to. You can't drag it. In version 3.5.2 (the latest) dragging it like you do works, this was changed in some version 3.4.x release if I remember correctly. I suggest that you upgrade to 3.5.2 at, there are a lot of improvements you're missing out on.

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