Ghost notes

• Oct 31, 2020 - 15:42

Hi, how can I make a particular note of my transcription sound like a "ghost" note? I'm a bass player an I would like to listen to my transcription, when in play mode, and hear a "stopped" sound on some particular notes that I inserted with a "cross" head.
I would like to listen to the score and hear the real sound associated to full head notes but something like a muted sound when MuseScore plays notes with a cross head!


With regards to playback of ghost notes be advised that MuseScore's synthsizer relies on soundfonts to generate audio. You can search for and/or create your own soundfont with ghost note sounds and use that.

Even though MuseScore is primarily a score notation software, over the years some users have exploited its existing features (occasionally adding some trickery) to obtain nuanced playback results...
See Shoichi's link above and, in it, this comment in particular:

Here. I have slightly adjusted the bass guitar example posted there:
ghost notes - bass_ guitar.mscz
This uses an existing instrument 'Acoustic Bass' (you can experiment with others) - and then shortens the note by using the staccatissimo articulation to emphasize the 'attack' part of the sound.

Here's another example for guitar using palm mute for the ghost notes:
More Than Ghost Notes.mscz

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