windows sizing

• Nov 5, 2020 - 08:39

Hi all,
Today the <+> and <-> keys provide the feature to increase/decrease only the size of the active score.
It would be very useful as a new feature if those keys , or other keys for that matter, could be applied to the active window to increase/decrease its size, not just the active window's frame but its content as well.
The reason I ask that is that I've got a laptop dedicated to musical activities.
When I'm home I plug-in the big screen which gives me a large vision of my desktop, but when I'm not at home I've got to make the windows to fit on my laptop display and with MuS that's not as easy to do.


MuseScore has a long history of having difficulties with detecting the DPI of external displays correctly. You can force feed it that information using the command line (or put the command into the shortcut you use to launch it). See for more information on that (you're looking for the "-D dpi" option.

It might be worth your while to create two shortcuts to launch MuseScore, one for laptop usage and another one for the home-big-screen usage

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