Implementing a couple of things,...that are almost there,...24 EDO and "accidentals presets"

• Nov 8, 2020 - 11:31

Hello, my name is David,...

I work as "researcher" in classic contemporary music, and I'm also former pro-copyist, composer,...I have experience and also I'm amateur Qt5 programmer.

I'm doing a comparison between softwares,...Sibelius, Dorico, Lilypond and Musescore,...and I find that are a couple of things that has been implemented in Dorico and Lilypond that making this changes would be musescore a step closer for being very "avant-garde" friendly, I would like to know if someone would like to join me to try to get this things working here,...and from what I've seen, some of them, with the plugins has been it has been already implemented.

1) One thing would be the "accidentals presets" that we can find in lilypond and Dorico,...

2) The other thing would be to have a very well implemented 24-EDO functions, for tuninng and also for transposing notes. I see this is done or almost done in some musescore plugins,...but I couldn't make it work perfect yet,...maybe with some "target" in mind this could be implemented. This is important beacause 24-EDO is very standard in conservatories, composers, music schools, universities...

This is from Dorico, that have implemented this very well "out of the box", it is much better than in Sibelius that has some malfunctions, and dealing with plugins.

So please, tell me If u would like to help me with these things!

Best! :-)


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