Diminished Chord

• Nov 13, 2020 - 17:24

How do I create the symbol for a diminished chord? I think it's a litte circle. Meantime, I write "dim" next to the chord name. Thanks, Susan


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Thanks. I did not set up my Lead Sheet as Jazz, so the lower case circle looks like a lower case circle - not a tiny raised circle. Will musicians be able to read this as a diminished chord? I usually create Lead Sheets with Chord Letter names. Would it be better to use Jazz style? If so, can I do this after I already created the Lead Sheet?
Thanks, Susan

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Whether you use jazz styl is up to you. Jazz musicians are definitely more accustomed to handwritten charts, even published ones normally use a handwritten font. So if you are writing for jazz musicians, then sure, use that style. Otherwise, don't. the abbreviation "dim" is at least as common in my experience in the non-jazz world as the actual diminished symbol, so if you aren't switching to the jazz style, I'd personally consider sticking with "dim". Among published music that uses the degree sign, some superscript it, others don't, snd musicians understand it either way. You can control all this as mentioned in Format / Style / Chord Symbols, and yes, you can make those changes at any time.

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