Same instrument, different keys

• Nov 15, 2020 - 16:25

I don't know if there's any way in MuseScore to group two instruments with the same name but different tunings or if I must rely solely on both without changing instruments. I have included here two examples, one from Dargomyzhsky's Bolero (1839), the other of the brass instruments in Le prophète.


That is not currently possible to do easily. Perhaps some changes being introduced for version 3.6 will make it easier.

For now, you have to use two instruments with names like (B) and (D) then use staff text that is carefully placed between them that says 2 Corni. Unfortunately you can't use a grand staff as in the default classical template with two different instruments (a horn in Bb and a Horn in D).

The second one is easier with the two instruments and 2 distinct labels. You just need to put a brace from the brackets palette that covers the instruments.

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There are worse things that could happen to you than Mayerbeer.

I suggest on your first picture you live with Corni (B) for the first and Corni (D) for the second. This is a compromise I begrudgingly make in situations like this.

If both horns are always showing I'll make the name for the top horn


where [return] is an empty line in the instrument's short and/or Long name. You'll need to play with the the proper number of returns to make it look OK. The - in this example are spaces since the spaces will not be shown on the post. For the second instrument I make the long and/or short name empty. This will center the name as you want on the instruments.

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