Using musescore_general soundfont in DAW

• Nov 22, 2020 - 12:18

I'm trying to use the musescore_general soundfont in Reaper through the sforzando sfz player, it accepts sf2 files, but not sf3 files so I can't use the soundfont as it is installed by musescore by default. So I downloaded the musescore_general sf2 version as listed here: but now when I use it in Reaper the sounds are extremely quiet. Unusably so. Has anybody else managed to get musescore_general properly to use in a DAW?


I have the same issue.
Some sounds are usable as is, some are very quiet, and some (such flute and clarinet) do odd pulsing things.

I have used some of the quiet sounds by adding a gain plugin

I just installed Polyphone and used it to convert MuseScore's MuseScore_General.sf3 to .sfz files, using the command line conversion described at…

Using sforzando in Reaper, and importing the .sfz files, I find that some additional sounds are now usable: "Flute Expr" and "Clarinet Expr" in particular (in the sf2 version they just pulse)

The grand piano sounds are still very quiet, and have other funkiness. But there are many other decent piano VSTs available.

I have just started testing these, so I don't know how many instruments will be improved. I will probably end up harvesting the best versions for instruments that I use, and group them for convenience.

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