Creating persistent tuplets

• Nov 23, 2020 - 16:17

I have read the documentation about how to create tuplets, for example to create triplets against a quarter note beat I select the quarter note tool in the Note palette and then press CTRL-3 on my Windows laptop. But then for the next quarter note beat I have to do the same thing, and so on and so on. Is there an option to have the quarter note triplet entry mode persist, so that if want to create many measures of triplets I don't have to keep reselecting the quarter note tool and pressing CTRL-3?


It's not currently possible to have persistent tuplets, but if you're going to enter several tuplets in a row there are two ways to simplify this.

  1. Make several rests in a row, select them all and press ctrl+3 to turn them all into triplets (or another number for other tuplets).

  2. Create your tuplet, select it completely and press R until there are the number of tuplets you want. If you want several measures of them, you can create a measure of tuplets, select the measure and press R several times to create more measures.

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