Faint note symbols - why? Macos

• Nov 25, 2020 - 19:14

Somehow in editing some notes and dynamic markings became fainter. I don't know why, or what exactly I did to cause that to happen, and also whether the fainter notes have any significance or different effects.

I attach two files, one with a regular note in the violin part marked mp, and the other with a faint note and a fainter dynamic mark.

I had to copy the files, and then undo a lot of steps to extract these examples. I'd really like to understand what happened if anyone can figure that out.

This version of Musescore is running under Catalina, MacOS - and it's possible some of they keyboard shortcuts were confused with MaOS keystrokes.

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query change 1.mscz 6.33 KB
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The faint notes and words have been made invisible. Select them and press v to make them visible. You probably hit v by mistake. It's easy to hit it rather than b or c.

FYI, the light gray items are shown to let you know they exist but are invisible. They won't print.

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