Missing features in 4.x

• Nov 28, 2020 - 19:03

Hi. I have been trying Musescore 4 nightly. I know that the GUI is not ready yet. But there are some issues that I would like to mention so that developers could work on them if they will.
In Home mode the left pane can be resized to any size, however in Score mode it can be made larger but it can't be be made smaller than the size of the search line of the palettes line. It takes a lot of space from the score and prevent us from screen casting rolling scores. We also can't close the left pane because there's no view menu nor anything like that.
There are many options of the menus that are missing and are not found anywhere. I understand that a new GUI will require some learning curve but it may be too complicated if several features will be missing or many of them become too hidden for 3.x users to find.
Thanks in advance.


4.0 isn't even at an alpha stage yet; so yes there is a lot still missing and it is not in a usable state at this point in time

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