Adding a tie by selecting a note in the linked stave of a TAB

• Dec 3, 2020 - 11:30

I've been working on a composition which revolves primarily around guitars. Consequently, I have made extensive use of TAB to notate the parts. I've found that when I try to insert a tie the programme often crashes which in some instances has resulted in the whole file being corrupted.

Does anyone else have this problem? Here is the file that I've been working on and the most recent problem happened at bar 70 of the lead guitar part.

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This score is corrupted, e.g. around measure 42 in the Electric 2 part. If you enter a whole note tied to another one, the program crashes. This is what you noticed.


To fix this, delete this part (and maybe all of them, I didn't check everything) and recreate them after entering the whole score.

Moreover, be aware that it is really better not to create parts with instruments that have already been linked staves (which is the case for four of the instruments). This is not really implemented for this. You are imposing a double difficulty to the program ( guitar staves are linked here by definition, and parts are linked in a certain way too)
So, avoid this so you don't get into trouble like this again. Create parts if you wish but at the very end of the score input.

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