Brackets applied to piccolo staves are different width than other staves

• Dec 3, 2020 - 15:41

MS 3.5.2 Windows10
Please see attached. The piccolo stave "square" brackets are thinner than the brackets for other instruments.
Edit: Actually it's not just the piccolos. Please look at the violins and others, there seem to be two different square bracket sizes.

Wagner Q5.PNG

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Die Walküre, Act III Scene I.mscz 1.25 MB


Actually the other way round, all other square brackets are duplicated, so the 2nd sticks out more while the first is hidden under the big bracket

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In trying to fix it, I'm seeing two other unexpected behaviors.
1. If I accidentally placed a second bracket on top of the first as you suspect, then selecting and deleting the "thick" bracket should reveal the thinner one beneath it. This is not the case, when deleted there is no bracket remaining beneath.
2. Once deleted I cannot put a new bracket in its place. Not by single clicking and not by double-clicking. Selecting the staff and single-or-double clicking the square bracket in the Palette menu generates no response in the score. Please try this on the score I provided earlier and see if you have the same results. I completely closed and re-opened the program with no change in the results.

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I tried again, it didn't work for me and this time the program locked completely up. Waited 2 minutes, still locked up, and closed the program from the "X" in the upper right.
Went back to the source folder for the file and noticed that the MS file I expected was now named "Die Walkure, Act III Scene I.mscz.temp".
No data lost here, going to restart from one of my numerous backups and stop playing with the brackets for now.

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