What is the trick to make printing margins stick?

• Oct 19, 2009 - 22:22

I'm a new MuseScore user, version 0.9.5, on Mandriva Linux 2009.0.

What is the trick to make printing margin settings stick?

The default printing marging (0.17 and 0.24 inches) were chopping off the titles and names. So, I used Layout -> Page Settings to increase them to 0.5 inches for Letter. However, whether I try to print an old score or create a new score and try to print it, the margins in the print dialog are not affected. Also, if I change the print dialog margins, they don't stick.



Does it print correctly after you change the margins in Layout -> Page Settings? The margins in the print dialog must be something done by Mandriva. My print dialog on Windows doesn't have any margin settings.

It appears to print correctly (once) after I change the margin settings. However, the next time I print, the settings have reverted to the earlier values. The 0.17 and 0.24 inch settings are not common to any other application on Mandriva. I wonder whether they might be controlled at the QT level (but specific to Linux versions of QT).

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