Keyboard focus not working for some dialogs.

• Oct 19, 2009 - 22:52

For some dialogs, the keyboard focus in a text box does not appear to be working correctly. If the mouse cursor is in the main MuseScore window, on the score wallpaper, the dialog text box has focus and can be typed in. However, if the mouse cursor is moved onto the dialog or even into the text box, focus is lost, and keyboard characters is ignored. The "Save As" file name dialog is pretty reliable at showing the problem. The dialog for titles and names for a new score is intermittent at showing the problem.

I didn't see that listed as a bug in the issue tracker. Is there some reason it shouldn't be reported as a bug?

I'm a new MuseScore user, version 0.9.5, on Mandriva Linux 2009.0, using twm as my window manager, no "desktop environment".



I can't reproduce this on Windows XP. Maybe it is unique to twm. Do you experience anything similar with other Qt-based apps on your computer?

I'm not aware of which other apps I use that might be QT-based, but I have not seen any similar behavior from any other application.

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