Volta goal: I need ending 1., 2. to repeat twice and continue to ending 3

• Dec 11, 2020 - 07:55

Please see attached score. I'm surprised I'm having any trouble with this.

Volta sequence.mscz




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Well, I should restate ...

Ultimately MuseScore's volta/repeat system proved workable but—when working in other notation apps—I've never had to think about a volta arrangement like the one I struggled with in the submitted score.

Volta 1 and 2 w repeat and v3_with Arrows.png

Two questions:

–––––  Regarding Text Line Details>Text and Volta>Repeat List  –––––

• When I add a 1st ending MuseScore automatically set Text Line Details>Text = 1
• When I add a 2nd ending MuseScore automatically set Text Line Details>Text = 2


But when I edit Text Line Details>Text to create something like = "1., 2." Volta>Repeat List stays as initially set ...

Is there any reason why, on edit, MuseScore would not initially "lock" Volta>Repeat List to Text Line Details>Text? That way, by default, an edited Text property defines the Repeat List. And that should save some confusion. (Under this scheme, of course, the user could "unlock" and override—but I don't see why one would want to.)

–––––   Regarding Measure>Play Count  –––––

Though I've read this a dozen times—and I can use the concept to get the desired result—I find the + 1 part defies logic.

Volta and Play count advice from Handbook.png

The score submitted score proceeds like this

Volta 1 and 2 w repeat and v3_with Arrows.png

But achieving this required setting Measure 2>Play count = 3 (Ergo + 1)
But Measure 2 is never played 3 times. So cognitive dissonance ensues ... and I wonder why the 1.2. volta fails to suffice.

I hope to see some +1 responses!


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From my discussion about this with Tantacrul, his plan is to address this in version 4.1. This is an atrocious confusing method of setting up voltas and repeats and is in great need of simplification. Once 4.0 is released, scheduled for next summer, the plan is 4.1 will be released 3 months later and minor releases (4.2, 4.3...) every 3 months after that with bug fixes as needed.

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