Possibility to further stretch space between notes

• Dec 12, 2020 - 21:14

I added a new staff for purpose of writing out playback, where necessary (the staff will be hidden).
I made this staff very small and also used small notes. However, when I wrote out a trill, I was not able to decrease the space between the notes as I would like and I have too much of allocated space for the measure. In the attached picture it is quite easy to see that at this small size, notes could be much more stretched.
Is it possible somehow to further stretch the notes? If not, is something like this planned for the future?

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Select the measure then click the button that says notes in the inspector. You can then adjust the leading space to a negative number to make the notes closer together. I do advise that you not have the first note in the measure selected since this affects all instruments on that beat and you don't want the whole notes moving closer to the barline.

For this simple trill you can get the same sound in less space by writing two half notes and linking them with a double-stroke Tremelo.

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OK. I am at my PC now and can confirm that invisible staves do not influence note spacing.

You said "I added a new staff for purpose of writing out playback, where necessary (the staff will be hidden)." If you make the playback staff invisible ( [Edit]>[Instruments] and uncheck the box in the "visible" column), the spacing of the notes in the measure with the trill will not be affected by the written out trill that is now invisible. See what happens in these examples. I have unchecked "play" in the inspector for the whole note in the first stave.

Ex 1. Second staff has "visible" checked
Trill visible.png

Ex 2. Second staff has "visible" unchecked
Trill invisible.png

And the trill plays the same in both cases. Trill invisible.mscz

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@SteveBlower: Yes, but it does not work for me like that because I added a new staff to the piano grand staff.
Thus, now I have the piano grand staff containing 3 staffs. Even, there is no option to hide only this third staff.
However, if I add completely new staff outside of the grand staff it will be counted as a new instrument and I do not want that.
Is there any way to add a new staff but that it is not counted as a new instrument/player (for instance in the score info when the score is published on musescore.com)? The score is for piano solo and the added staff is only to support better playback. It should not give false info.

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