virtual modulation and expression wheels

• Dec 19, 2020 - 14:55

Is Musescore planning on adding virtual modulation/expression wheels to future Musescore releases?
I compose by entering notes from my laptop keyboard. I do not use a piano keyboard with a modulation/expression wheel to input the notes. Is there a way (or is it in the pipeline) for me to adjust the expression of my Musescore scores via a virtual modulation/expression wheels, instrument by instrument, after my score is already entered?
Alternatively, if I got a physical external modulation wheel, can it be coupled to Musescore and adjust my preexisting score notes, instrument by instrument? Or is there a virtual plugin that I should know about?


Plans are still being developed and refined, but do a search of this forum for discussions about MuseScore 4, and you'll see there will indeed eventually be a sequencer mode that might do the sort of thing you have in mind. Although, it isn't really clear what you mean about using an a wheel to input notes - usually that is more about editing the playback details. And for things like basic crescendo / diminuendo, you don't need anything so manual - just add the symbols to your score and they play automatically.

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