How to deal with "Access Denied" ?

• Dec 21, 2020 - 08:47

I'm a native Chinese speaker and I'm planning to finish the translation of the handbook. At first, I was going to add some new edition to some pages that had not been translated yet, but when I submitted the changes, the links soon did not work and posted the message "Access Denied", such as Selection Mode and Repeats and Jumps.
I came back to the translation page and found that the translation is "Not Published" .
Could the website admins help with this? Or are there any permissions for me to continue with this? (If not, how could I get the permission? )

BTW: Also, before I started my work, I found that there was a page Open/Save/Export/Print having the same problem too, which might show that there was someone trying to do this before, but the page came to the same situation. )


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Recently when I looked up the website, I found that there was a new button. Does it mean that I've got the permissions?
But I tried to go into the "translate" page of the handbook, the translations were still "not published". I've tried to submit again, but the problem still exists. Do the new translations need to be published by the site admin every time?

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