New feature for near future (make the softaware be able to listen to you as you play and give feedback)

• Dec 23, 2020 - 11:26

Hi I'm not shure if what I'm about to propose it has been already said.

I'm a music teacher and I've been using this great software for some years. I like it very much especially his online features. For me is a great advantage that once I've upload my score to I can share my scores with my students and then they can listen and see how it sounds while playing.

After some research I've find some apps like Yousitian or Tonara that allows the students to play and get feedback of they performance. These two apps can listen the music the student plays, compares it with the score and gives a visual feedback. I think this should be a must feature for future updates. I think it may need a lot of time, effort to develop it and implement the code. Also I dont' know how but I would like to contribute in someway to make it possible.

I know that the scores are uploaded to and that this is another plataform so may be is a feature for them to develope?

Anyway I'd like to thank all the big community of Musescore developers and contributtors. And I would apreciate if anyone can adress me to the right way or any help for makeing this feature possible.

Thank you,



Definitely this is interesting technology for apps that specialize in such things, but please keep in mind MuseScore is a notation program first, and secondarily about producing a decent approximation fo the sound. What you are describing is really a completely different type of program. So if you're interested in developing, I'd encourage you to start your own project (or find an existing one that this type of feature would be a better fit for).

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I understand,

I was thinking of putting it all together in a big multyporpose app but obviously I have no idea of the complexity that this new feature may imply.

However thank you very much Marc for your quick answer and for your great software. I'll look for an existing project as you suggested.

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