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• Dec 29, 2020 - 17:05

Hello dear developers :)

Thank you for the marvellous job you're doing!
I've used the MS notation software from Version 1 and it became better and better. I'm really grateful for it.

Recently I started to use the Songbook App on my tablet (Trekstor Surftab Theatre L15, Android 8.1.0) and since this app is quite 'young' (I imagine) there are still some issues to be solved.
I'm sure you are aware of this but I wanted to tell you the things I noticed the most so far.

  1. I normally don't use the app to play the audio of the piece but just to read the sheets when I sing and play. So the blue bar for the position of the playback can be rather annoying.
    An option to hide it would be great.

  2. I'm a bit obsessed with formatting and fonts. So it's a little sad for me that the sheets are not shown the way I designed them. (see uploaded files)
    The text font is changed to some standard (I used one of the google fonts which are displayed correctly on
    The 'Segno' is shifted from the beginning of the measure a bit to the right. And although I always adjust the size of everything in the notation software so it fits perfectly on one page (size A4) I often need to change the zoom in the app to display the whole piece again.
    One reason might be that the empty space between the title and the lines is very big, which I can't change.
    Also when I close the file and reopen it the zoom I picked can be lost again.

  3. I guess this would be a major feature but maybe in the future it could be possible to connect the app with a pedal to browse freehand through peaces that are definitely to large to be displayed on one page.

  4. It would be great to have the option to create folders to organize the files.

That's it for this time. ;)
I hope this doesn't sound just like complaining but might also be some useful information for you.

Kind regards,

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