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• Dec 31, 2020 - 10:56

This is most certainly not a musescore bug, the problem is almost certainly my insufficient musical knowledge but hopefully someone will be able to help anyway.

I would like to be able to fit the attached on one page. There are three verses to the song, the first two are identical so i have just used first and second time bars but the third time round there is an extra four bars that i would like to insert where bar 30 is now and the final two bars are different. Is it possible to avoid having to copy and paste most of the first verses (which is what i have had to do at the moment) and fit it all on one page? It is vital that musescore can play it properly on playback since I will be recording it.

thanks in advance


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I can't tell exactly how you want it to play but you can probably achieve what you want with DS al Coda. Why have you places repeats in both bars 33 and 34 when they look identical?

If you can write out your aim a bit like this, it may help:
A , A, back to beginning and play part of A then jump to B.

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Thank you for replying, and yes bars 33 and 34 are identical. The reason I have placed repeats in both is because I want it to repeat twice. I can not put two repetes at the end of the same bar so I made a second bar, Again if there is a better way of doing it then happy days.

As for how I would like it to sound, i would like it to sound exactly as it sounds if you play it back now. However to make it sound like that i have adopted a bit of a messy workaround by duplicating the entire song third time round.

I strongly suspect you are right about DS al Coda but i have the sketchiest of ideas what it (they?) are and less idea than that how to use them

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